Make Learning Sticks using Accelerated Learning

To make the most out of our learning solutions, we are adding the Accelerated Learning approach to allow learners design and participate in our learning journey. Let’s see how our program facilitated peer learning and facilitated participants create and learn in one of our training follow-up sessions.


#1 Room Setting for Accelerated Learning Room setting is essential to a positive learning atmosphere. Entering a room with interesting props and setting makes us curious to the environment and training contents. Before learning happens, figuring out what the props do is already a fun exercise.

A BIG sharing Wiki Wall to share “ah-ha” or “Eureka” moments

A3-sized slides to recall learning; Color pens, shaped papers and post-it to make notes

#2 How to Facilitate the Accelerated Learning Session Accelerated learning changes how we learn. Standing on our feet helps whole-body learning. Instead of the baby-fed approach, our learners are actively participating in the process. Their learning is visualized and presented in an interesting way.

Enable learners enjoy their learning journey, at their own pace and interests

Mobile phone is not a distraction; but a valuable tools for learning

#3 Accelerated Learning Is Fun and Interesting Memory fades away fast without reinforcement. Accelerated Learning is learner-centric. Learners explore at their own pace and interests. Facilitated by our trainers, they come up with new ideas and insights that are highly related to their daily life / work.

Create personal notes to reinforce learned knowledge and skills

Endless, fruitful discussion led by learners

Write down personal insights and sharing with others

Advantages of Accelerated Learning:

  1. Highly engaging learning experiences

  2. Interactive and enjoyable

  3. Visualized learning sharing

  4. Connect closely with personal experience / application

A few tips for using Accelerated Learning:

  1. Create a positive, enjoyable learning atmosphere, physically and emotionally

  2. Colorful, large props to instill curiosity and creativity

  3. Trainer speaks less. Let the learners talk and discover with their efforts

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